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About Sylvaen:

My name is Debby and I was born in the Netherlands, though I'm British by nationality. When I was young, my family and I lived in many different places all over the world: Calgary, Canada; New Orleans, Louisiana; Jersey, Channel Isles; Katy, Texas; and Den Haag, Netherlands. My interest in animal husbandry developed when I was very young; around the age of 12 years old I started selectively breeding gerbils and soon became fascinated with the genetic inheritance of the various coat colors.

This hobby eventually 'spawned' (pun intended) into a whole new direction: breeding show quality Betta splendens. I was particularly interested in form and finnage (halfmoons, crowntails, HMPK, etc) and at one point I had hundreds of fish and countless aquariums, including a betta drip system that I designed myself. I participated in several betta shows throughout Europe (in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Croatia) and even won some top prizes. It was a very challenging hobby, not to mention time-consuming and expensive, but it was enjoyable while it lasted. After a while I became a bit 'burned out' so I decided to take a break from tropical fish... it was around this time that I first discovered Tamaskan Dogs and I soon fell in love with the breed. I decided to wait until I finished my studies and then reward myself with my first Tamaskan puppy.

In spring 2009, I graduated from Webster University in Leiden, Netherlands: BA in Media Communications with minors in English and Philosophy. I also hold certifications in International Human Rights (Webster University, Netherlands) and Humanities (The Open University, UK). Once I got my first Tamaskan puppy, I was totally hooked on the breed and the natural/eventual progression was for me to become a Tamaskan breeder. After university, I moved to Croatia with my boyfriend (now ex) and I had my first Tamaskan litter here in spring 2010. I met my (future) husband, Dino, in summer 2011 and I decided to settle here in Zagreb permanently. We currently live at our family home in Gornji Stenjevec with our son, Dylan, who was born in February 2014 and our daughter, Darcy, who was born in October 2015.

picture of Jasper with Dino and Dylan Aside from being an ITR registered Tamaskan breeder, I am also a member of the ITR Committee of Breeders (CoB) and the Croatian Tamaskan Club. I also regularly participate in many online courses pertaining to canine theriogenology and I am the creator of the International Tamaskan Forum. I am passionate about bloodlines and genetic diversity (including population genetics and quantitative genetics) and I'm a little bit obsessed with health testing... we not only DNA test all of our breeding dogs, but every puppy we produce is also DNA tested too!

With over a decade of breeding experience, we still strive to continuously learn and improve with each and every litter. Above all else, we believe in quality, not quantity, so our Tamaskan litters are relatively few and far between. We aim to build up a solid waiting list, in advance, to ensure that every puppy will have a fantastic home and a great life, already lined up before they are born. Furthermore, we extensively socialize our puppies with people of all ages, shapes and sizes (including children) as well as other dogs and cats so that they have the best possible start to life. Some of our puppies have since gone on to be certified as therapy dogs (PAT and PTSD support) and some have been trained in Search & Rescue.

So, whether you are looking for a beloved family pet or a personal hiking companion, or want to participate in more advanced obedience training (service dog, SAR, etc) you've come to the right place. We strive to ensure an ideal match for every suitable home / family / lifestyle / living situation.

Other Pets:

Sylvester Pi Leo
We currently own three housecats: Leo (2003), Pi (2005), and Sylvester (2017). One of our cats, Gizmo (2009), went missing in October 2014... we are still searching for her and hope that she will be back home again soon: Gizmo, the one-eyed WonderCat.


We also have a spayed female Alaskan Shepherd (mixbreed Alaskan Malamute X German Shepherd) named Umbra, who we originally got as a potential outcross for our breeding program. Unfortunately, she developed hip dysplasia so she was sterilized at the same time when she had surgery for her hip dysplasia. Now she's just our family pet and wannabe guard-dog.